Our guides are the most experienced in their area of expertise. They have all travelled extensively and have a wealth of knowledge to provide you on your excursions.

Bobby Sherlock

Owner & Captain

Bobby has been guiding on the ocean for ten years in Canada and Australia. He has extensive knowledge of the west coast of B.C. and Vancouver Island. Starting his sailing company in 2010, it has taken him on expeditions through some of the most difficult waterways in the world. Bobby, a graduate of Adventure Tourism Business Operations program at College of Rockies, BC, has an early background in culinary arts working in some of Vancouver’s best seafood restaurants. Bobby has in-depth marine operations training along with first aid and marine emergency duties. In his spare time he enjoys surfing, fishing and exploring around Vancouver Island.

Ariane Batic

Marine Biologist

  Ariane is a keen adventurer and dedicated scientist. As a child, she fell in love with the ocean and all things marine, which led her to obtain a B.Sc. in Marine Biology from Dalhousie University. Since then her time has been focused on promoting awareness, appreciation and knowledge of the natural world via public education and community outreach. She is currently the Field School Coordinator at Raincoast Education Society and works seasonally as a Seabird Biologist in the Eastern Canadian Arctic with Environment Canada.
The majority of her time is spent surfing, climbing mountains, and exploring the nooks and crannies of nearby inlets. A bit of a safety nut, she is an active member of Westcoast Search and Rescue and is certified in Advanced Wilderness First Aid and Marine First Aid. Her goals with outdoor exploration are: to be prepared for any unexpected situation, to learn something new during every excursion, and to have the most fun possible.

Laura Griffith-Cochrane

Marine Biologist  Ucluelet Aquarium

Laura (LGC as she’s known) loves the ocean and everything in it (except polychaete worms). Born and raised on Vancouver Island, she’s made learning about marine ecosystems a life-long adventure. Laura studied biology and oceanography at the University of Victoria and is currently the curator of the Ucluelet Aquarium – Canada’s first Catch-and-Release aquarium.
Through diving, snorkeling, surfing and foraging, Laura is constantly on the hunt for new ways to experience the ocean and connect people with marine environments. Laura has over a decade of experience in public education, loves Steinbeck and munching on pickled bull kelp.

Sea Kayak Guide Great Bear Rainforest

Matt Edwards

Sea Kayak Guide

Matt loves exploring – finding out what’s around the next corner or at the top of the next mountain has taken Matt to some of the most remote places on the planet.He has been organizing and conducting custom adventures, for guests from around the world, for over a decade. During this time he has led expeditions to Antarctica, Fiji, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Alaska, and Canada. Matt has a genuine passion for adventure, a wicked sense of humour and a love of life. It is his energy, enthusiasm and the experiences that he provides that keeps guests returning time and again.  Matt is certified through the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of British Columbia and as a Surf Instructor with Surfing New South Wales, Australia. When not on expedition, he also works as a Heli and Cat skiing guide in British Columbia and teaches the Surf and Sea Kayaking guiding courses for Thompson Rivers University.

Blaise Sack, adventure videographer

Blaise Sack

Adventure Videographer

Blaise Sack is the owner of Moves Media. He is a passionate videographer and has enjoyed exploring the world capturing amazing moments through the eye of his lens. Blaise specializes in adventure and capturing moments that are one of a kind. You can find him hanging off rock faces, deep in the backcountry, surfing, and generally having a camera rig of some kind by his side at all times. We are happy to bring Blaise on any of our trips to capture your unique experience. Ask us for details and get your world class adventure captured by the very best.